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Making a Cotton Candy Cake: Step-By-Step Tutorial | The Sweet impact

From adding colorful sprinkles to decorating the cake with cotton candy, this recipe is a fun and challenging way to spend an afternoon in the kitchen. After watching this video, you’ll be able to bake and decorate your own cotton candy cake in no time!

How To Make a Popsicle CAKE! | The Sweet Impact

In this video, we are going to make a cake that’s BIG! Because it’s summer time let’s make it a popsicle! This is a really fun and creative cake made with different techniques, including how to set up the cake base that works with different gravity defying cake designs.

Making A Minion Cake: Step-By-Step Tutorial | The Sweet impact

In this video, I’ll be showing you how to make a detailed Minion cake from the movie Despicable Me! This is a fun and creative cake using different techniques including fondant and modeling chocolate, luster dust, and edible paints for added detail!

Epic Halloween Cake | The Sweet Impact

Check out this amazing Halloween 3-tier Halloween cake that has a different design and technique used for each tier. 

Decorating An Amazing White and Gold Cake | The Sweet impact

Learn how to decorate a white and gold cake in this easy how-to video. I created this cake using different techniques and I only used buttercream. 

Good & Evil Ghost Halloween Cake | The Sweet Impact

This is a specialty designed 2-tier cake made for Halloween that has two different designs on each side. 

How To Make A Drip Cake | The Sweet Impact

Follow this easy tutorial about decorating a drip cake from start to finish.

Trick or Treat Bucket Halloween Cake| The Sweet Impact

Learn how to make this realistic Halloween Bucket cake by following along with this detailed video.

Making The Little Mermaid Cake | The Sweet Impact

I decorated this cake in the likes of The Little Mermaid live action movie and I even included Halle Bailey’s Ariel doll! My favorite tier is the bottom that’s designed after Ursula. I created the tentacles with modeling chocolate and edible paint.

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